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Lectura: No Girls Allowed? I'm not your fucking shield!. Una opinión sobre el sonado caso del #gamergate desde la perspectiva analítica del Editor en Jefe. –Bartolomeo


I Hate People


The problem I have with the country I live (survive?) in, relies within its inhabitants. Almost everyone is a douche-bag in various levels of assholelism (yeah, I just made that up). Everyone’s a smart-ass. I hate assholes, most of all the ignorant type that otherwise believe they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. In consequence my ever growing shit list is near phonebook thick. I try to be as discrete as I possibly can to avoid attention, carefully selecting my friends but even some of them follow the trend. People around here can be summoned by a social pattern of conduct: they eat shit no matter how it's served. They eat it, assume it, and worst of all, believe it. This my friends (if you happen to be my friend) is the reality of this fucked up backwards society. "If you don't like it you can leave" is what they usually say if you complain. Ranting about the lack of manners, education, moral values and respect to anyone will almost always meet a retaliation response. Like a counter maneuver, always in a perpetual defensive state because nobody takes responsibility of their actions and everyone's innocent by vague justification. Am I wrong?

I feel like I live in a shit-hole, not particularly because of anything wrong with this country in a strictly structural o geographical way, but because of the people living in it. A colorful and fascinating collection of tribes, one worst than the other but with one thing in common, they’re all populated by dip-shit assholes. Am I better than you? no, not in the slightest, and this is not the point. I truly believe that you are born an asshole, not become one. My brother is the best example, he’s smart, has great taste and an admirable display of cultural and academic knowledge, all while living and growing up in the most rural and unforgiving environment of social conformity. God bless him. On the contrary I meet a lot of social turds everyday, conformists, snobs that eat the shit they are fed only because they belong to this pack of losers. You know what’s worst than a loser? a loser proud of being one. Yes, living here you have to confront the fact that to succeed you have to give up any moral value, compete to achieve dishonest stature and that money buys -or fixes- anything, even respect. All you have to do is be politically correct, not smart, shhheee-it.

I have this neighbor that likes to screw up my car in so many ways that I cannot keep up. One of these days he is going to make a mistake and I’ll find out who he is, and I promise you that I’m gonna fuck him up so bad I might have to turn myself to the police afterwards. I’m not kidding. I’m serious as shit. But my anger is not solely because of this special douche-bag, it’s squarely rooted on my permanent loathing towards this fucked up culture and their cult for social anarchism… which by the way is disguised with fancy names like socialism or some bullshit that makes them feel like they belong to some important process other than the decay of their dignity. Three words: go fuck yourself.

I’m pissed, yes, you can tell. But mostly tired of being disappointed. Why? Let me tell you why I follow a small group of people on some social networks. Simple, they are the exception, they're not the ones I’m talking about in this post, or you thought I was arrogant enough to think that I’m the only non-stupid around here? I follow smart people to share & learn, not dumb-asses. But my list of friends grows thin as my shit-list increases though. That’s the disappointment I was referring to. Once you see the true colors of some of your “trusted” friends, you find out the hard way that you simply can’t trust anybody, ever. I’m humble enough to forgive, but not dumb enough to turn the other cheek, kiss my ass!

You can find hypocrisy all over the world, but not in this level of concentration. Being nice to someone you dislike doesn't mean you're fake. It means you're mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them. Still, I tell people straight to their faces what they need to hear, which is the ugly truth they try so hard to ignore. Problem is, you can ignore it but you can’t forget it. Why do people cheat, lie and live dishonestly? Because they know that it's easier to get pardon than permission. Fuck people!

Next week we’ll be back to the usual crap you read around here. We received a shit load of Blu-rays that I'll probably pass out watching them non-stop this weekend, wanna join me? shut up and bring beer (lotsa).

"I never fucked anybody over in my life didn't have it coming to them. All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one..."
-Tony Montana (Scarface)



Blogger Luisjoset dijo:
hasta que lei el 4to estaba preocupandome... ja ja ja
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 7/08/2011  
Anonymous Cerdillo dijo:
Saca el FUAAAAA... y si estas Muerto FUAAAAAAAA... lo ultimo que te queda FUAAAAAAA... cuando ya no puedes mas FUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 7/11/2011  
de pana yo tambien...
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 7/12/2011  
You will find that kind of people everywhere, but you are right maybe not like that!, my suggestion Barton would be, just pack your staff and move to the States, I still don't know what are you doing living there?. The comment about the neighbor is a little weird, you really don't have idea who is destroying your car?, you must have many enemies where you live!. Regards from the North!
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 7/19/2011  

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