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Nuestra escala para calificar las reseñas del uno al cinco (estrellas). Con el Sir William McKay reservado sólo a la excelencia.

  • Sir William McKay: Aleph One
  • Willy McKay: ¡Non-Plus-Ultra!
  • McKay: Muy bueno, peeero...
  • Pasta: Ta' bien... ta' bien.
  • Mancao: No nos inmuta.
  • Ñame: ¡Que nos devuelvan el tiempo y dinero que perdimos en revisar esta grandísima porqueria! Epic FAIL!

Lectura: No Girls Allowed? I'm not your fucking shield!. Una opinión sobre el sonado caso del #gamergate desde la perspectiva analítica del Editor en Jefe. –Bartolomeo


"Just when I thought I was out..."


Just mind poured on HTML, the only post that maintains Blog status in this so called website. The rant post, the one I reserve to spill my guts out on a regular basis. This time is more like a reflection of deep thoughts than a mindless rant of cursing and swearing, but I'll let out a few F-bombs here and there to keep with tradition. So, what is it about this time? Backstabbers, you know, those sonsabitches that are pretty much everywhere. They can be at work, school, circle of friends (or "friends") and even in your family. The kind of low moral asshole that will go the extra mile -even if it means betraying your ass- to achieve his goal or satisfy his purposes, whatever the means necessary.

Don't want to point fingers but I've met more than enough dip-shit backstabbers in my life to finally realize how stupid I was. It took more than a few and that's for sure. My problem is trust. I give people around me too much room of confidence that it's hard to define the line between real friends and casual ones. Well, we certainly have to learn things the hard way don't we? I've ended up being fucked by a lot of weasels (figuratively speaking thank God), that I lost faith in trust for friendship in general.

There are exceptions of course, I have my personal circle of friends, more like brothers actually, but unfortunately some are so far away that it's a real shame that I have to deal with the douchebags instead. Motherfuckers that mess with your shit before you even notice it. The bad news is that you don't see it until it hits you. The worst part is trying to get even, it's useless, a waste of time. The bottom line, you will find a handful of people worth taking a bullet in this life outside your parents, but you'll find it hard (that's what she said).

I want to publicly apologize to every family or friend I've disappointed at some point in my life, I'm an asshole, I know. With that out of the way I want to fuck every double-crossing ass-wipe that made my shit list to redeem the apologies they owe me... to the last dime. I'm just tired of these "friends" that end up fucking up my shit. That is why I hate to socialize, I hate people. My friends are smart, intellectuals and good drinking partners. For the rest, the anonymity of the Internet is as close as I wanna get, or let in.

You just can't trust anyone. Nobody outside your family and a small group of friends gives a shit about your well-being. For the most part, almost everyone out there only cares about themselves and seek nothing more than their own personal benefit, sometimes at the cost of your own so be careful. The main reason -or motivation- that drives people out of their beds to go out in the morning is money, plain and simple. Let's face it, we're all in the race to find and acquire money for the sake of our capitalist lifestyles; the difference is that some will follow the rules of society to achieve it, on the other hand others won't and that's why you have to keep an eye open and watch your back.

Nobody is your friend. Period. Nobody cares, nobody gives a fuck anymore so fix that in your head and move on. Love is bullshit. Mankind was not meant to live in packs, herds or this chaos we call society. We are always competing as individuals and as individuals we will always care for ourselves and nothing else. That is why communism is bullshit, it's the inconvenient truth even if this statement contradicts my critic to modern consumerism.

Yeah I'm a walking contradiction, I have leftist thoughts but make no mistake I'm no fucking commie. I'm so full of shit these days that it's hard to keep up with my nonsense. Come to think of it, Ted Kaczynski was right, maybe I'll grow a thick beard and move up to the mountains... Hmmm... oh, and speaking of backstabbers, Kaczynski was caught because his brother ratted him out, the irony of the example. Fuck.

"When people do not have to exert themselves to satisfy their physical needs they often set up artificial goals for themselves... Self-interest is not necessarily MATERIAL self-interest.
It can consist in fulfillment of some psychological need, for example,
by promoting one's own ideology or religion."
-Theodore John Kaczynski

Wile E. Coyote

P.S. Just kidding folks, the worst thing about dip-shits is becoming one like the fucked up Unabomber so don't get me wrong, sorry about that (but I still hate people).



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