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  • McKay: Muy bueno, peeero...
  • Pasta: Ta' bien... ta' bien.
  • Mancao: No nos inmuta.
  • Ñame: ¡Que nos devuelvan el tiempo y dinero que perdimos en revisar esta grandísima porqueria! Epic FAIL!

Lectura: No Girls Allowed? I'm not your fucking shield!. Una opinión sobre el sonado caso del #gamergate desde la perspectiva analítica del Editor en Jefe. –Bartolomeo


Seasons in Hell


With the intention of being politically (in)correct I declare this half-assed country as a perpetual "work in progress", like it or not. For how long are we going to take this bullshit of society? I know, I know we should not talk about politics around here, it's rule number one I know that so shut the hell up. But aren't you people tired? Like, you like this circus of bullshit? c'mon, be honest, freedom of speech, or isn't that what's on everyone's mind these days? ...besides the usual bullshit. As long as this charade continues, this half-assed-bullshit "work in progress" you call a system is not going anywhere. Stop fighting and get to work people! Who gives a fuck about ideology or "isms"? it's all bullshit. Obsolete ideas from ancient times. Fuck ideals! I hate both sides! Like Ferris used to say "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it." That my friends is pure poetry. How about stop and do some actual work instead?

Pointing fingers, sabotage, lies, bitchin' about this, ranting about that (like me on these posts) is not gonna take us anywhere but hitting bottom. You know what's bullshit? complaining without balls to take action, nobody is going to get your attention on the basis of pure bitching and moaning. Grow some balls and take some action! You wanna make an omelet you got to break some eggs. You ain't gonna do shit about the problem!? Then shut the fuck up! If you ain't gonna walk the walk then don't talk the talk. You think you can shut me up!? you can start by sucking my balls and then we'll se who's going into submission. I can say what ever the fuck pops into my head any time I want to! Here, there, anywhere! That last one sounded a bit like Dr. Seuss. Remember Dr. Seuss? No?

Lets forget about all that for a moment and talk (rant) about other annoying things. Like this recession and the lack of a straight stable job. Freelance work is not a reliable source of income anymore. I'm almost at the point of begging on the streets or stealing (the latter sounds better, and more fun). Just listen to me! Crazy talk. Or is it? I'm going completely mad with nothing to do besides playing video games between job hunting. I guess it's what they call stuck between a rock and a hard place... sheeeee-iiit...

That's why I'm not even writing articles as usual. Besides going through a crabby-mood period where everything pisses me off big time. I hate it when people break my balls and just about everybody gets under my skin lately. That's why I avoid social web circles like Facebook and just about everything alike out of my normal communication apps (chat, mail and that's it). I don't waste my time bragging about my shit like a jackass on those sites, Facebook is a gossip circle of dorks and almost everyone who uses it is a moron. I'm surprised some of my friends think it's the coolest thing ever when in fact is a load of crap. Stop asking me to join, I don't want to be your "FB Buddy" in fact I would be pleased if you jump off a cliff and send me the pictures of the aftermath. Same goes for Twitter, mildly useful web app for communicating, yet the majority of you use it to say the stupidest shit anyone can come up with. To spread useful news it's a blast, for bragging and bitching around about other people's lives, it sucks. Why should I give a fuck about what you are doing? I don't want to see pictures of your cats you gay asshole! I don't care if you are drinking, driving, traveling, shopping, jacking off or smoking weed. Pointless! Say something interesting or don't waste my time. That's why I follow less that 30 accounts, I select my shit carefully. If you are in my Twit, you’re off the hook, you're (almost) ok.

The movie theater is on a craptacular period where almost everything on it is shit. Especially that Director John Hughes died the past week, that guy really knew how to make a charater based movie. So you won't see film reviews as long as the offerings stink as they do right now. Same for music, pretty much everything on the charts sucks ass (Kaiser where the fuck are my new CDs I ordered from Amazon bitch!?). And worst of all, legendary genius Les Paul past away too. Fuck. At least the Yankees are kicking ass and the local baseball season is due in a few weeks.

As far as it goes this season has been one of the most boring ones ever. Rotting in boredom and broke as hell. Goddamn-it I need a good shag, not the usual suspects in my black book. I miss some of the old days, back then you got your shit straight, today it's all bullshit. Boy this site sucks...

"Maná-maná (Pa-ti pitipi...)" -Seasons in Hell

Bum Bart


Anonymous ElGranj dijo:

Estas en lo correcto que si no se va a hacer algo, no chillar. De la misma manera la frase:

...en este monte .... blah blah blah ...

No tiene sentido usarla, pues lo que seguro es con el actual sistema, el retroceso esta garantizado. O corres o te encaramas.

Ba-da-ba-da (pa-ti pitipi)


Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 8/20/2009  
Hello Barton, I see you are having hard times right now with this recession…, it's ok dude, better times will come back, and maybe sooner than later. Very agree with you that Facebook, MySpace and even twitter are sites for school girls and teenagers,…or maybe I am getting old!!!..

Luckily my case is very different here in the North, this economic crisis has been good for me, I am doing better than ever, enjoying some of the economic incentives that this government is giving us to try to solve the crisis…, I changed my old 95 Chrysler minivan for a new Toyota Corolla using the plan "cash for clunkers" getting $4500 extra for the new car discount, electronics have better prices than ever, plane tickets are amazingly cheap.

Well Barton, take it easy and do your best to go through this bad economy situation, I hope you find a nice job very soon and please keep writing!!!.


Ricky del Norte.
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 8/20/2009  
me agradas cuando maldices y mentas madres, mas cuando lo haces en ingles, tiene su estilo
igual tienes mucha razon en lo que dices... aunque a veces tener la razon no sirve para una mierda.
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 8/22/2009  

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