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Nuestra escala para calificar las reseñas del uno al cinco (estrellas). Con el Sir William McKay reservado sólo a la excelencia.

  • Sir William McKay: Aleph One
  • Willy McKay: ¡Non-Plus-Ultra!
  • McKay: Muy bueno, peeero...
  • Pasta: Ta' bien... ta' bien.
  • Mancao: No nos inmuta.
  • Ñame: ¡Que nos devuelvan el tiempo y dinero que perdimos en revisar esta grandísima porqueria! Epic FAIL!

Lectura: No Girls Allowed? I'm not your fucking shield!. Una opinión sobre el sonado caso del #gamergate desde la perspectiva analítica del Editor en Jefe. –Bartolomeo


[citation needed]


Where the fuck did you come up with this crazy nonsense about me? Every bullshit that you throw at me screams back at you like a mirror. Always changing the context to make you look good, even if you have to make up things about me. Fuck You! And get your pretty ass away from me for good! Go fuck up someone else! You ain't the best thing since sliced bread sweetheart, aside from what I feel, putting it real, you're just the movie of the week, a fuckin' free T-shirt at best. You've been nothing more than bad news since the beginning, you crybaby egocentric bitch! And I failed to see it because I wanted to. Always free of guilt and responsibility to behave at will disregarding other people. The ingredients of complete immaturity and selfishness, even though you claim otherwise. And to think that I almost swallowed my own crap. Crap you made me believe in spite the contrary of your claims.

For the record, you are so full of shit that it amazes me how many flies you attract, so let me get the fuck out of here before I start buzzing like one. My mistake? being honest, tell the truth, being open and devoted without asking in return, what a dork! it only made me a low and easy target for manipulation. That'll teach me to trust so easy on anyone the next time, especially with current times where trust is so overrated. Don't worry, nobody knows it's about you, because I never mentioned your name other than to a handful of people that have my utmost confidence, and they already knew you were crap long ago but I never listened to them. Oh, and no hard feelings OK? just mind poured on HTML™, and I never regret about speaking my mind out loud -to you or to anyone- about my feelings or thoughts and you know it. I'm no hypocrite and I am proud if that. So it's the last you'll ever hear from you around here, ever, so don't come back here looking for it.[1]

Sorry about that my fellow readers, just some mishaps and slips we all get into from time to time. It was about time I got my shit together, because I'm not worth being wasted like that. And it's my fault to fuck up so hard after being told so many times about the inevitable aftermath considering the facts. Facts that I ignored thinking about who knows what the hell. I know I've been bitching and dragging this whining for almost a year, but not anymore, believe me. So good-bye, good riddance! Let's move on and move ahead. Thanks to all the real friends who stood up by my side even when I didn't want to see the truth that was pulled before my eyes. Pig-Man, Kaiser, Sika, Zeitan and especially Cherry Girl who needs all the support she can get from us right now. And please forgive me all you who I might have disappointed because of my stubbornness and fixation over the subject.

A little down by the moment but I'm still the same ol' Bart for better or for worse. It'll take me a while to refocus and pick up the pieces but let's hope it happens sooner rather than later. I was thinking about shutting down this Blog for a month to make space for other activities that need my attention. Priorities people! Not that I'm devoted full time to this shit, but for the moment I need some time and I know I'm not alone on this here. The other dudes have been held up by personal demons, work and other issues, so it would come as a hiatus period for refocusing, recharging and reevaluating ideas and energies. Whaddaya think? Can you give us a month? Not that you find anything relatively interesting around here anyway. See it like a time to rest from our collective nonsense and eloquent bullshit, savvy? I got some personal projects, work projects that are finally coming to the light and they demand all my attention for the moment. Maybe we can forge some brief posts once in a while during the hiatus period but nothing steady. I'll reproduce this on a latter post in Spanish, but this one is for me. In the meantime tell us about what you think.

Well even though I keep saying this post is kinda personal, I end up drag you into details about my personal issues; just a little anger management to drain out the stress, you know, just mind poured on HTML™. 'Nuf said.

The Bart

1. ^ From Ganymede to across the street for sure. Why should all this bother you? you never cared for anything except for you. So enjoy life indulging yourself, you're so good at that though.



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