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Just mind poured on HTML, you know, those off-topic posts about nothing. Maybe it's because there is nothing worth writing about. Things are pretty much the same around here. It's cool that the Rural Pack is more solid than it's ever been, now that there are no lame motherfuckers around. Especially with the upcoming second anniversary of Spiff-O-Rama, our spin-off Blog, for what we are planning a gather up with the dudes for a booze-a-binge on the 20th (any excuse to drink is a good excuse). If some of you sons-a-bitches care to join us, just drop us a mail and we'll see if it's worth having your asses around, but bring booze... and don't get cheap on us (Life is too short to drink cheap booze).

Thinking about the upcoming days and... whatever. Who gives a fuck. Everything is so unclear. Crazy things creep out of nowhere. My Dad told me some unexpected news about a decision he's about to make that took me by surprise, a little sudden but I trust that he'll be fine, and I wish him the best too. I'd rather think things a little bit more. And I like to take my time to be sure about 'em, but too much time can be daunting and tiresome. Yes, like I said before (or Ferris), Life moves pretty fast... Recently I've reunited with some of my high school friends I haven't seen in a long time. It's pretty cool to see them all right and doing well, I hope we can catch up on a lot of things... later.

I want it all. I would like to leave the country for a while, disconnect from the daily crap that we have to endure here. I need a vacation. Some motherfuckers don't get the point that I simply don't take shit from nobody, so I have to remember them constantly. Bored, tired and pissed sometimes. For those of you who think that I'm ranting and bitching every time I write in English, think again. Besides, I don't give a fuck, I write about whatever the fuck I want to. I'm so out of ideas and so focused on other things that I barely have time to concentrate on the issues that matters most. But then again, some things just don't make sense from a reasonable point of view. Or maybe I can't make sense out of it.

I know what you're thinking, you're waiting for me to start talking about it. But no, not today, and I think I'm giving it a rest for good. At least around here. Apparently it turned out a habit on these kinds of posts, but I'm putting a halt to it. If all you want is a status report, well, I'm pretty much stuck in the same spot. I feel like I'm batting against Nolan Ryan with a 3-day hangover on my head, I simply cannot hit him. And every at bat ends up in a strikeout for me, and you know what letter of the alphabet is used to represent a strikeout in baseball right? Yeah, I knew you guys where smart.

I started (finally) to watch the FOX hit series 24 from the beginning and man! was I missing a great show! The drama and acting is superb, with a badass cast and the production is no less than outstanding. One thing disturbed me that I think is unacceptable. On a few scenes in the first episodes, some crew equipment like mikes and cameras could be seen clearly. This is simply non professional in my opinion, especially coming from a show with such high standards in production. It seriously disappointed me. That issue aside, the show is kick-ass awesome. Jack Bauer is my new God, the guy rocks! For the first season, it was a thrill fest from start to finish. Now I got to get a hold on the second season, but where? Think I'll have to return to Blockbuster, sigh! Blockbuster sucks.

It’s a little late and I'm falling asleep. We'll have some nice shit over here during the week. Just stay tuned folks.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All..."

Bart Torrance



Blogger Sikanda dijo:
Like Spiff use to say: Finally!!!

Finally you find out why we just bugging you all the fucking time about Jack Bauer. You should ask to Kaiser, his best friend has been looking for 24 first seasons, maybe he knows where to find it. And Chirimeno has been looking for it too. I will talk to him, maybe he knows where to find you the second season.

24 kicks ass!! XD
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 5/16/2007  
Blogger Keyser Soze dijo:
Dude, about fucking time!!!

Your ass is not so lame now! The thing is, you gotta hurry in order to catch up with the current season, it is fucking blood-chilling and spine-tingling. In Fuckbuster there are all the DVDs available up to season five. And I tell you this: 24 only gets better. Finally we're gonna be able to discuss with you the internal mythology of the series.

On the other subjects on this post, man, let me tell you what your problem is: you care too much. I know it because I do the same thing. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, dude. And believe me, the T-Shirt might as well be the only good outcome of it, because nothing else is. In the end no one gives a shit about you and you end up feeling even emptier than before. So the solution that I've found to work best for me is letting go of everything and stopping giving shit about it. So fuck it all, man. We are, like our pal Philip Anselmo used to say, stronger than all, so damn it all down to hell and go have a good time with the things at hand. Like you said, the Rural Pack is stronger than ever, so, quoting the Brain, let's conquer the world or at least fuck it in the ass in the process!!!
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 5/16/2007  
Previously on Barton's life: Nothing :-)

The following takes place since 2007: Barton finally gets hooked on 24 and now he's got a real life.

We don't have a choice!!!
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 5/16/2007  
Blogger Sir Barton dijo:
Apocalypso: I'm hooked dude, 24 Rocks!

Kaiser: Dude, Fuckin' A!
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 5/16/2007  
Blogger Sikanda dijo:
Kaiser: Ich hab dich lieb so sehr mein Schatz ;-) Du bist total GEIL! :D
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 5/16/2007  

Now you know why I hate that mother fuckin´bitch, shit eater called Nina Myers?

Quoting the punk band formerly known as Green Day: "Welcome To Paradise."
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 5/17/2007  
Blogger Sir Barton dijo:
Spiff: Dude, I LOVE Nina Myers, know what I'm sayin'? Oh, and Kim Bauer too ;-)
Comentado por el fiel ruraltejano el 5/17/2007  

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